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Turning Dreams Business Into Reality & Scaling Companies To Your Heart Desires.

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Hey there, I´m Tasha McCoy

To say I am passionate about entrepreneurship is an understatement. I love seeing the glimmer in clients’ eyes when they talk about their business, dreams, and goals. I love watching people succeed in life, and it’s the next level when it comes to small business and entrepreneurship. My sole purpose for KSYE is to help individuals like you turn those dreams and aspirations into profitable and scalable companies. One of my favorite sayings is every town has a million-dollar company waiting to blossom. Why can’t that million-dollar company be yours? Now if you want to learn more about me, click the button below.

How can I serve you?

Launching a business can be daunting at times. You don’t know where to turn or that youtube video is even accurate. Or better yet, you have been in business for a couple of years, but you want to scale your business to new heights. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, I can help.  No matter the consultation package you select always know your sessions are tailored to your needs.

Monthly Consultation

Clients who select monthly consultation will work with me for a duration of time of either three months or six months. You will have access to an exclusive client portal with all your information.

Discovery Roadmap

Our discovery roadmap sessions are solely focused on creating a game plan for you to follow over a period of time. Includes your roadmap pdf that has up to 30 pages.

Social Media & Website Consultation

Social Media alone has changed since it was invented over a decade ago, and then you throw in convert that audience to buyers on your website can be difficult at times. Let’s make it easier for you.

Ashley Charles

I have worked with several business consultants in the past, but what sets Tasha apart outside of her vast knowledge is how much she wants you to win. She is constantly holding you accountable and pushing you past limits. In addition to that, when she says to do something do it. You will see the results. There were times I waited months to do what she shared in a one on one consultation and bam results. 

Janell Hearns

As a person who had grown accustomed to doing everything on my own because of disappointing experiences, I was not aware of the importance of having a team. Tasha has been the best investment I’ve made in my business for a long time. She is consistent, supportive, professional, but of all knowledgeable. Tasha is the team I never had, and working with her as my business coach has helped my business tremendously.