About Tasha Mccoy of Kick Start Your eCommerce

Tasha McCoy is a self-taught entrepreneur who started her first business at the age of 24. Her first venture was an online women’s resale boutique in her one-bedroom apartment in Texas. At that time, Americans were going through the Obama era recession, and brick and mortar were closing.

She diligently built her brand up utilizing Twitter, local networking, and a small Dallas blogger network. After several years of working to build her audience, she had celebrities wearing her clothes, but there was an outpour from her blog readers asking, “how did she get her start.”. Tasha created her blog about the behind-the-scenes of being a business owner, which garnered her more attention and speaking at blogger events and colleges.

After closing her shop, she solely focused on creating ebooks, consulting clients, and teaching others how to take their passions and make money. She has grown her reach and remains focused on serving others, trying to turn their passion into a million-dollar company. She is currently focused on building an online director for women business owners and like-minded individuals.