Just Some Rambling About How I Got Here

Hey there, I´m Tasha McCoy

  Writing an about me section always brings me anxiety on what I should share or shouldn’t share. For one, I am extremely private person. Which you probably couldn’t guess from the amount of Instagram Stories I share in a week. However, let me share why I am the consultant you have been looking for. Over a decaded ago, in a small one bedroom apartment wearing Juicy Couture tracksuit I started my first business Imperfect Concepts Bouqtiue. Legit not knowing a thing about business, owning a bouqtique, selling online, customer acquisiton, profit and loss sheets, website design, and much more I just started. Not only did I just start, but my first year of business was profitable. I truly enjoyed what I did, and then at some point my customers started taking notice of my entrepreneurial skills and consulting started. Once again, I did not know a thing about business consulting, and I promised a room of 75 women business owners I would give them my ebook “Kick Start Your eCommerce” for free when its finished. You can guess it, I didn’t know how to write an ebook. I am a get your hands dirty type of girl. I closed my high end online boutique and focused on consulting and digital product creation full time. That first year I hit six figures fully profitable and was deteremined to scale. I was able to scale my business, and help thousands of women and men all over the world. It still gives me chills knowing people in Canada, Nigeria, Paris, Japan and much more were buying my products to launch their dreams. Finally, there was a burnout break and God benched me. For almost two years, I did nothing business-related. Crazy, I know. However, it was the best two years of my life. I am able to see entrepreneurship even more clearer and I have the business acumen in other areas to not only help me scale to a 7 or 8 figure business but to help those who work with me too.

Thank you for reading over my website. Trust me; this was a labor of love. Really not so fun fact, I remember the first time I hired someone to do my website, and they basically render it useless. At that moment, I learned how to “design” my own websites. Even when building off a template it is some tedious work.