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Thank you for taking the time to stop by Kick Start Your eCommerce, a company designed with you the future or current business owner in mind. The KSYE is a self-paced program for the new or existing business owner, and you can learn more by watching the video below.

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As An Expert In Ecommerce With Over A Decade Of Experience, I’ll Guide You Through Each Step Of This Journey.

Let’s face it. If you’ve considered starting your own business, you know that there’s more to it than a perfectly curated Instagram feed and witty social media posts. Not only are there a ton of moving parts to manage, but there’s also so much to learn before taking action. Between figuring out how to brand your business and manage the finances of it all, to the many legal hoops you’ll inevitably have to jump through, it’s no wonder you’re overwhelmed at just the thought of it all!

  • An incredible business idea that you’ve been thinking about for a while, but haven’t been able to get off the ground because you do not know where to start…

  • Already started your business, but you’re spending far too much time trying to figure out the answers to your questions and piece together your business approach with no guidance or assurance that it is the best plan for your company…

  • Tried launching your business before but it didn’t go as planned. Now you know you need help, but don’t want to hire a coach for one-on-one work. Instead, you’d like an all in one program designed to help you navigate the steps to launch your business successfully.

  • Come to the conclusion that in order to get your business started on the right foot, you need help ASAP…

Then there’s something you should know.

You can keep winging it and try to Google your way to a thriving business. And after a while, you MAY be able to experience some success by doing that (if you’re one of the few lucky ones). But not only is the DIY approach to business incredibly time-consuming and more costly in the long run, it’s also not the best use of your energy. There are simply TOO MANY potential landmines waiting to derail your business when you live by the “I’ll figure it out on my own” business mentality. The worst part is that you could spend months going down the wrong path and not even know it until it’s too late.

Don’t let this happen to you and your business when the solution is SIMPLE! There is a better way…

Picture this:

  • No longer wasting your precious time (and unknowingly making things harder than they have to be) by tirelessly searching and searching for the next step to take in your business. But instead knowing exactly where to look to find what you need to know and then being able to take action without hesitation.

  • Never feeling like you’re alone again on your entrepreneurship journey and having the tools to make your business stand out from all the businesses out there… instead of getting lost in all the moving parts that come with starting a business. This type of peace of mind is priceless!

  • Having everything you need to kick start your business in one place. Or better yet, having lifetime access to an all-in-one, easy-to-understand business kick start a course that covers everything from business basics, legal, website, branding, marketing, and finances. Talk about EASE! That’s what you get inside Kick Start Your eCommerce.

How do I know the KSYE self-paced program will work for you? Because I use to be in your exact position.

This program was truly designed with the beginner in mind. Truthfully, I remember the rollercoaster of the first of business trying to run my business and learn the ins and outs of the business. I want to provide you a solution that you can study for two weeks to a month before you even think about physically launching. Below several students who are real business owners in different stages of life share their thoughts regarding KSYE Program.

Lauren Williams Mattox

As a person who is ramping up & scaling their business, the level of detail shared by Tasha is invaluable. There are many topics that I was familiar with, but she truly broke them down to give a better level of understanding. I would highly suggest this program, for any new business owners!

Tanisha Townsend

If you have been wanting to start a business but were unsure of where to start, start here! This program lays out each step you need to take, in detail, to move your business from an idea in a notebook to an actual living, breathing business. This program has fully equipped me with a solid foundation with which to start my business.

Jessica R. Simmons

This program is, by far, the best beginning business resource I’ve ever seen. It is beyond thorough. Anyone who invests in this program and follows the information will make that money back tenfold.

Avery Kelly

The KYSE program truly covers everything you need to get your business started. Tasha is truly the goat of Ecommerce and truly inspires and cares about small businesses owners. If you are truly serious about getting your business started the right way use and implement everything from this program. This program is worth every penny she is charging. P.S. Yes, she truly responds to every text and email in a timely fashion too. I love her.

LaMirica London

Although I’ve already launched this program helped me to see where I have holes in my foundation. I was able to take the information and can’t wait apply it so that I can see a shift in my business. I’m excited to see my growth over the next couple of months!

Danielle Johnson

This program is something I wish I had when I started my business 3 years ago because it would have shortened my learning curve tremendously. It is VERY detailed, well-organized, and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this program to any new business owner that wants to know how to start their business from A-Z!

A Self-Paced Program For New Business Owners

Inside this self-paced online program, you’ll learn how to build your new business on solid ground from the start. With step-by-step guidance and all the information to kick start your business in one place, this course is a must if you’re thinking about venturing into entrepreneurship or if you’ve started a business only to realize you don’t have a solid foundation.

Leaning on my decade of experience in the industry, I created KSYE to take out the guesswork and struggle that business owners often deal with, like when to quit your job (I guide you through that in Module 6: Finances), or if your business idea is viable (I guide you through that in Module 1: Basics of Business).

Each module is complete with easy-to-digest content and simplified solutions to even the most daunting business

KSYE Program

Each module is broken down into lessons, with a total of twenty lessons to complete and several videos in our bonus content area of the program. As a student, you will receive access to the program for life, as well as updates. The best part? You’ll no longer have to second guess what to do next!

Are you ready to kick start your business?