Hey Friends…

I am Tasha McCoy the owner of Kick Start Your eCommerce. 

I am excited to have you stop by my corner on the internet. YASSSSS! Whatever I posted that got you here is worth celebrating. Thank you for clicking the link on either my Facebook or Instagram page. I wanted to create my own “Linktree” to drive my website traffic.

Did you know when you have a Linktree, or any other companies link in your bio, you’re driving them traffic? Creating your own Linktree isn’t hard. You can go to my Youtube page and watch how I created it on WordPress.

Well, anyway, I am Tasha McCoy, and I am a business consultant/coach based in Killeen, Texas. Very happy to have you on my website to learn more about my company and me. Below you have several links to click through. I selected some of my top content to help you get there quicker.

Anyways since you’re here, let me drop some facts about me really quick just in case you’re looking for that.

  1. Started my own business at 23 in Arlington, Texas.
  2. In the first year of business, I made a $25K profit.
  3. I learned how to “build” websites after I was scammed out of $1500. – I buy templates and tweak them to my needs.
  4. My biggest digital sale launch was How To Make Money In Your Sleep: Passive Income.
  5. In the first year of consulting, I made more than I did having my clothing boutique.
  6. I live in the same town I grew up in.
  7. I have made six figures doing consulting and selling digital products.

Well, thanks for stumbling on my social and wanting to learn more. I hope you stay awhile.